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Don't be Nervous...

More often than not I get the fact that a lot of my clients or home owners are nervous about their house being ready for an appraisal. Or they apologize for it being messy, or their beds aren't made, or they are in the middle of a move and there are boxes everywhere.

And all I can tell them is that I have seen it all. And typically in the matter of a day. I can literally walk into the highest end mansion on the market in the morning, and then inspect a home without flooring that afternoon. It really doesn't matter to me how well you keep house, or don't. Those aren't the things I am looking at or for.

With that said though, it is important to realize, though, that a dirty or unkempt home can increase its appearance of wear and tear beyond normal, and that condition can, in fact, affect value.

Primarily, though, these are the particulars your appraiser is looking for or at:

  • Exterior and interior condition

  • Total room count, with value added to bedrooms and bathrooms

  • Functionality, including interior room design and layout, and functional obsolescence

  • Improvements to kitchens and baths, windows, the roof, and the home’s systems (heating, electrical, and plumbing) over the previous 15 years that make the home more up to date, functional, and livable by today’s standards

  • Condition and age of the home’s plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems

  • Exterior amenities, such as detached garages, decks, and porches. Pools and hot tubs will also add to a home's value

  • Location

  • Unappealing features, such as an exterior appearance that’s inconsistent with the rest of the neighborhood will detract from the value

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